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There is no denial in the fact that one can’t live without food. After all, food is our power fuel. The recent research papers suggest that food in the solid form is necessary for the overall health of human being. “Solid food, oh! One would have to go to dentist for implant.” This is the common reaction that people gave after reading such research papers. Well it’s better to go for the dental implant, today. There is nothing to worry about. The material used for implant is as safe as if it is natural one.

Material Used

Bedok dental clinicDental implants are mostly made up of titanium screws. Yes! Pure titanium! Do you know that your dental implant contains the grade 4 titanium? Do not worry as it is the pure form of titanium. The other variation comes with the mixture of carbon & iron, depending up on which grade changes. Recently, the grade 5 titanium & zircon have grown in use as they show similar reactions with the natural teeth bones as compared to grade 4. Another advantage of grade 5 Titanium is that it is much affordable than grade 4 as it consists of 6% of Aluminum & 4% Vanadium (known as Titanium 6Al – 4V). However, pure titanium (grade 1 to 4) is still in wide practice. Only very few dental implants are made up of titanium alloys & zircon.

Bedok Dental Clinic


Healthy teeth for perfect pleasure of chewing delicious food would be at the top of the list for benefits of titanium dental implants. Others can be listed as:

  • Titanium is one of the strongest metals which offer fine tensile strength along with the flexibility that matches the natural factors of a tooth.
  • Titanium is the light weight material which perfectly integrates with the nearby bones. This process is known as osseointegration.
  • The titanium works as the perfect fixture which can be easily customized as per individual’s needs. Hence, it serves as the fine base for crown which has tooth like appearance & cover titanium implant screw.

Overall, it is highly distressful to ignore dental implant. There is no harm as the material is as pure & safe as the natural tooth. Also, the use of highly strong & tensile titanium metal would never let you feel that you have artificial tooth, not even during the time of breaking walnut at one go. Also, it is highly affordable as compared to other costly materials.

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